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Dooars is that the entryway to the Hill stations of North Bengal and Asian country. Noted for its tea gardens, forests and also the stream Teesta, it's ideal for nature enthusiasts and journey seekers. The region is understood for its life sanctuaries wherever one will spot herds of ruminant, one-horned rhinos, elephants, guars and reptiles. The bird population here is associate degree ornithologist's delight. Another attraction is that the Tiger reserve. Froth rafting, trekking and jungle safaris square measure should dos.

Places to visit around Bhutan

Gorumara National Park

You cannot afford to miss Gorumara on your trip to Dooars. Settled on the flood plains of Murti and Jaldhaka rivers, the Gorumara National Park offers an outsized form of flora and fauna. The tract of Gorumara is known for Asiatic one-horned perissodactyl mammal. In sight of its nice diversity of plants and animals it absolutely was delared a park in 1994 comprising a complete space of eighty sq. km. The forest space has return up as a traveller destination throughout the last decade. In recent years, there has been substantial increase in traveller arrival still as infrastructure. Nowadays the realm round the forest has the most important concentration of traveller accommodation in Dooars. The amount of Jungle hunting expedition choices has conjointly exaggerated over the years.

Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuaries

This life forest has the biggest concentration of the vulnerable one-horned rhino in Republic of India after Kaziranga. Another should watch is that the Royal tiger. Reptiles just like the python, fresh-water turtles and geckos may be found here. Elephant and auto safaris within the forest are union.


The Jhalong market is that the largest marketplace within the space and villagers from everywhere the realm congregate here. Simply across the Jaldhaka stream is Asian country. Even the close Bhutanese villagers rely on Jaldhaka marketplace for their day to day purchases. The market may be a pot of cultural diversity with Nepali, Bengali, Marwari, Adivashis, Rajbanshis and also the Bhutanese individuals all return here for his or her daily needs.


Bindu is that the location of Jaldhaka Dam, it's one in every of the oldest Hydro-electric project between Republic of India and Asian country. Tourists aren't allowed to go to the Dam web site however will see it from a distance. 3streams particularly Dudh khola, Bindu Khola and Jaldhaka has met at the dam web site. The dam accustomed produce substantial electricity however thanks to serious silting over the years; the project is alleged to possess become sick currently. But the positioning remains a significant attraction for tourists.


Bodaganj is a village within the Baikunthapur forest space near Siliguri and Jalpaiguri city. The world is near watercourse Teesta and is taken into account to be an area of historical significance. It's believed that Decoit Queen Devi Choudhurani and her ‘Guru’ Bhabani Pathak dominated the world and its forests. Bodaganj space is additionally home of Bhamri Devi temple that is one among the fifty one piths of the Hindu deity sect. Area unites the world the realm is near Teesta watercourse and there are a unit places around Bodaganj that are enticing for nature lovers likewise.

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