Do’s and Don’ts of Hiring a Cab Service in Bhutan

Do’s and Don’ts of Hiring a Cab Service in Bhutan


Bhutan is a landlocked country. In an attempt to enjoy the beauty of this country a cab service is essential for your trip. Since it has mountains and valleys it is best to go for a sightseeing trip in a chauffeur-driven car as they have years of expertise in this particular area. But when you are about to hire a car you must keep certain things in your mind so that your trip is worth paying for. We are here to assist you in choosing the right cab hiring service and a handful of tips on what to do and what not to do when you are hitting the road.

Do Compare the Transportation Costs of All the Cab Services

You love to travel but your hard-earned money is also extremely significant to you. You must compare the transportation costs of all the options available to you and finally book that service which is at the same time suits your purpose for the trip and your pocket too.

Do Check the Safety Features of the Car You Have Chosen

If you are hiring a cab service in Bhutan, you need to check thoroughly whether the car has got all the features that lead to your safety. Whether it has got airbags, head injury protection, all-wheel drive, etc. Antilock Brake System is another feature to look for when you are hiring a car.ABS allows the driver to have greater steering control and ensures your safety further.

Browse Through Their Reviews

Going through the reviews of the cab hiring services will pave the way to transparency. Once you are about to book a service, you must be aware of how the company fares in the market. Reviews open up the window helping you to go for the correct service.

Do Go Through the Terms and Conditions

Before hiring a cab service you must not forget about going through the terms and conditions of companies whose service you are hiring. Would they charge extra if you drive a few extra miles? Would you have to pay for parking, state tax, toll charges, etc? Enquire smartly in advance to avoid landing up in a mess amid an awesome trip.

Don’t Rely on the Pictures of the Vehicle: Go for a Thorough Inspection of the Vehicle

Before hiring a cab service you must ask the service provider to inspect the car very thoroughly. You may never realize whether the car is in good condition by the look of it. To explore Bhutan in a car, you need a four-wheel drive, an off-roader to face any obstacle!

Don’t Forget to Do a Background Check on the Driver

It's not always over smart to go for a background check of the driver. Whenever you are paying for a service, you should cross-check everything related to it. A driver must have the skills and professionalism to drive the car. Especially when one has to drive in Bhutan he must be an expert driver with thorough experience in off-road driving.

Don't Ever Forget to Check the License of Your Chosen Service Provider

You have paid for the service. You have every right to ask for a license check. Staying fair legally boosts your confidence to enjoy a stress-free journey.

Last but not the least...

Don’t Rely on Their Website Alone

The Internet might be a great source of information. But think again. You might get tempted by the description on the website and promptly book the service. Before you hire any service research a lot on the company and then come to a conclusion and book the cab service. You can also call to confirm whatever is written on the website is correct or not.

Hope you follow these tips to enjoy a safe and happy trip in Bhutan and go back home with some sweet memories. Happy holidaying.

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